Apartments and Rooms to rent in the Greek region of Messinia 20 metres from the sandy beach  ( check availability )

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Fully renovated

We have recently renovated all our rooms with new furniture and devices in order to make your stay a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

(Gourmet Traveller) The Maniots have lost none of their famed pride and passion

Shimmering in summer, ice-clad in winter, the grey-green Taygetus mountains rise off olive-strewn plains, shutting out progress and warning of what's to come - the barren, southern-most finger of the Peloponnese, battered by the howling tramontana winds and inhabited by black-draped villagers with stern codes of honour. As much blood-stained opera as geography, the Mani peninsula has long been a destination approached by foreigners, even other Greeks, with high anxiety.

(Rough Guides) Greece - The Peloponnese

The cultural riches and natural beauty of the Peloponnese can hardly be overstated. This southern peninsula – technically an island since the cutting of the Corinth Canal – seems to have the best of almost everything Greek. Ancient sites include the Homeric palaces of Agamemnon at Mycenae and of Nestor at Pýlos, the best preserved of all Greek theatres at Epidaurus, and the lush sanctuary of Olympia, host to the Olympic Games for a millennium. The medieval remains are scarcely less rich, with the fabulous Venetian, Frankish and Turkish castles of Náfplio, Methóni and ancient Corinth; the strange battle towers and frescoed churches of the Máni; and the extraordinarily well-preserved Byzantine enclaves of Mystra and Monemvasiá.

(Telegraph) The southern Peloponnese , Greece , the perfect break

The southern Peloponnese may be Greece's mythical heart, but a holiday here is not all about the ancients, says Fiona Hardcastle.

Why go…

Ignore the islands, turn left at Athens and make the journey that defeated Nero across the dramatic Corinth canal, for it is in the Peloponnese that you will find staggering landscapes, soaring mountains and the mythical heart of Greece. Fill your lungs with the scent of olives, oranges, cypresses and history. The cast of ancient characters is a classicist’s dream – Clytemnestra’s murderous welcome of Agamemnon returning home to Mycenae from the Trojan War; Nestor’s Palace at Pylos, from which Odysseus’s son set out in search of his father; the inspiration for the river Styx and the entrance to Hades. And you don’t have to own a well-thumbed Thucydides to feel a thrill driving through the once-mighty city states of Corinth and Sparta.

(Daily Mail) Forget the Greek crisis - you'll still get a warm welcome in the land of Zeus

Greece is in turmoil and politicians say they are the only ones who can save it. But, as every Greek knows in his heart, it's the gods that count. And Zeus, the most powerful god of all, is also the god of hospitality. He can't afford to let his people down.

Earlier this month, I was in Greece during the elections and subsequent confusion. The hospitality, as always, was genuine. Taverna owners, who remembered us from previous visits, shook my hand and asked after the family. When I asked how things were with them, they smiled and shrugged. 'What can we do? We are far from Athens. There is no rioting here. We just want to get on.'

(Guardian) Vacations in Greece - The Mani peninsula

The inhabitants of the Mani peninsula, the "middle finger" of the Peloponnese, Greece's southern mainland, have long been known for their independence and self-reliance. When the Greeks rose up against the Turks in 1821, the fighting started in the Mani, where leaders such as Petrobey Mavromichalis (Black Michael) rejected the usual Greek cry of "Freedom or Death!" in favour of "Victory or Death!". The Maniots were already free.

This wild and independent spirit survived the crushing poverty that was the Mani's fate for much of the 20th century – and especially lately – and is typified by Gaia, a local volunteer organisation that does everything from fighting wildfires to cleaning the area's golden beaches before each year's tourist season begins.

Stoupa Peloponnese - Greece

To Potamaki - Apartments for rent in ... Fairy Messinian, only 20 meters from the sea!

Rooms for Rent - apartments near to beach with crystal clear waters.

In an enchanting area of Greece with magnificent landscapes and beyond.

prices starting at 15 euros per person ! book now

  • 20 meters from the Beach
  • Couple and Family rooms
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Color TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Air condition
  • Souvenir shop


Stoupa has nowadays a developing tourist infrastructure, where you can enjoy a warm and pleasant stay. You will also have at your disposal many traditional taverns and restaurants where you can taste the delicious dishes of the region.

There are several cafe's, which after evening turn into music bars, where you can enjoy a drink. Stoupa combines the beauty of Mani with the beautiful natural scenery and sandy beaches.