Stoupa is located in the southern part of Peloponnese, about 45 km from the town of Kalamata.

  • Turn left out of the airport towards Kalamata. Remember to cross over onto the right-hand side of the road!
  • After about 2 km there is a level crossing in the road, and shortly afterwards you come to a T-junction with traffic lights. Turn right here.
  • Head straight along the main road, which turns into a dual - carriageway. At the first junction, head straight on. There is a sign for Kalamata centre to the left, but don't turn here.
  • The next major junction is a crossroad with traffic lights. Go straight across. Keep going until you see the supermarket Lidl over on the left-hand side of the road. Soon afterwards you come to a second large crossroad, again with traffic lights. Turn right here.
  • You are now on another, smaller dual - carriageway. You should pass Champion supermarket on your right-hand side. Keep to the left-hand lane because as the dual carriageway comes to an end you need to bear to the left immediately after the central reservation. You should signal left and beware of oncoming traffic, although you do have right of way. This short stretch of road is a bridge that goes over a concrete river bed.
  • If you miss the turn you will almost immediately hit a T junction – just before you drive into the sea! Just turn around here and then turn right just before the dual - carriageway starts.
  • You will now be in a more built-up area with shops, etc, either side of the road. Follow straight along this road until you reach the traffic island. Take the first right and you'll see the port straight in front of you. There are some old tram lines in the road.
  • Follow the road around the port, first bearing to the left and then to the right. Bear left again and you will then find yourself on the main beach road with shops and café bars on your left and the sea to your right. It can be very busy along this road. Watch out for waiters crossing the road with trays of drinks!
  • Continue driving along the front for about 3 km until you see the Filoxenia Hotel on your right-hand side. Follow the road a little way up the hill and as you reach the top you will come to a T-junction. You need to turn right here – signposted "Stoupa". You actually have the right of way, but it is best to beware of traffic coming from your left!
  • Follow this road for about 2-3 km. Eventually you will see the Messinian Bay Hotel on your right. Immediately after the hotel the road forks, and you need to take the left-hand fork. Again you should signal, although you have right of way, but also beware of traffic coming towards you from the right-hand fork!. There is a large signpost in the centre of the fork indicating the way to Stoupa, Kardamili & Areopoli.
  • From this point you do not have to turn off until you reach Stoupa. However, the entire route is via winding roads. Firstly, the road begins to climb up into the mountains, and there are a number of hairpin bends to negotiate. Then road then dips down into a gorge. Nowadays crossing the gorge is easy to as there is a large new bridge directly over the gorge. Down below is the old road bridge, and below that is the old bridge from the days of donkey transport.
  • You then drive up out of the gorge – hairpins again - and onto a plain where you will come into the village of Kambos approximately 18 km from Kalamata town. Shortly after is the village of Stavro Pigio.
  • There are a few more bends in the road after Stavro Pigio and then, if you travel in daylight, you come over the top of a ridge and see the glorious view of the whole of the coast down to Stoupa and beyond directly in front of you.
  • The road gradually starts to descend, reaching the coast at the village of Kardamili. Just follow the coast road for about 7,5 km until you reach Stoupa.

The trip from the airport is around 50 km and takes approx 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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