The variety of landscape is unique. Jewelry, truly gifts of nature, the rivers, glyphs, the amazing caves, the bays, the islands and the hill of the castle. Excursions in the region offer thrills. Restaurants, taverns and coffee bars on the beach covering all gastronomic tastes. Particularly beautiful beaches, has become known all over the world since 1917 lived there Kazantzakis and Zorba.

There they met well, tied their friendship and the famous writer was inspired the unique masterpiece Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas. Guests Kazantzakis found in the unique pristine beaches, apart from his wife Galatia Kazantzakis and Angelos Sikelianos and his wife Eve, Marika Kotopouli and Cybele.

Nearby lies the hamlet Lefktron from which came the first families and built slowly Stoupa. The city Lefktro is ancient. It was destroyed several times and the ancient citadel was occupied by the Franks and Venetians.

The Mine Prastova
In New Suburb you can visit the abandoned coal mine Prastova where Nikos Kazantzakis worked with Alexis Zorba.

Lefktro Castle
East of Stoupa, you can visit the village Lefktro dominated by the imposing castle. Pausanias mentions that there was a temple of Athena with her statue. The castle was rebuilt during the Frankish period and was given the name Beaufort, which means "beautiful castle".

Villages worth visiting
Characteristic village of Mani is Kardamyli in which lie the remains of Homer Acropolis and the fort complex Mourtzinis and the tombs of the Dioscuri. Kardamili you can visit River Gorge Vyros with the wild beauty of the island Merope, the village Suburb, region of Foneas the Plain, Castle Zarnata and Stavropigio village with traditional stone houses.
Messinia, KoroniMe rich traffic on the waterfront, low houses painted with three colors, usually white, yellow and blue, Koroni is picturesque seaside city built amphitheater on a low hill. It is worthwhile to visit the Fort and the convent of St. John and the island of Venice, with beautiful beaches across the Cape Akritas.

The wild beauty of Taygetos fascinates every visitor. The steep slopes, canyons and caves create a beautiful combination of the mountainous landscape. You can go hiking, climbing and cycling, following the unique mountain trails in the area.

Traditional food
In Messinia worth buying oil, olives, wine, sesame, raisins, figs, ouzo, raki, gum, sausages with orange, lalagkia. Very famous is also the silk from the monastery of nuns.

" Messinia has many local delicacies apart but goat stew and salted, roast pork and fried codfish with garlic sauce "

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